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Radiosport RS60CF headset with M350 mic element

Part Number FHS-M350
Radiosport RS60CF headset with M350 mic element
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Headset to Radio Cables (select one or more) All FLEX-6000s (8-pin Foster) [+$89.00]
FLEX-6500/6700 Balanced Input (XLR) [+$89.00]
Maestro / FLEX-1500 (RJ45) [+$89.00]
Maestro TRS cable [+$89.00]
Optional Radiosport Mic Elements Radiosport M360 wide range condenser mic element [+$33.00]
Radiosport M208 wide range dynamic mic element [+$58.00]
Radiosport M207 dynamic mic element [+$55.00]
Radiosport Accessories PTT Footswitch - 7' cable with RCA plug [+$59.00]
PTT Hand switch, dual action - 7' cable with RCA plug [+$89.00]
PTT Extension cable, 5' [+$26.00]
PTT adapter - 3.5mm plug to RCA plug [+$6.00]
**This headset is currently out of stock. Orders placed now will ship within 2-3 weeks.**

FlexRadio Systems is proud to announce a special FlexRadio branded RS60CF headset from Arlan Communications. The FlexRadio branded Radiosport headset is a high quality carbon fiber finish stereo headset with cloth covered deep gel ear muffs that provides 24dB of acoustic noise reduction.  When combined with the soft FlexRadio branded pillow-top headband cover this headset offers unparalleled comfort when wearing for long periods of time.  The flexible mic boom comes with the M350 mic element installed and is adjustable to over 200 degree of rotation for optimal mic placement.  The headset features a waterproof integrated Push To Talk (PTT) button on the left ear cup and an industry Standard miniXLR 6-Pin radio port for interfacing to a variety of radio connecting cables (sold separately).

One advantage of the Radiosport RS60CF headset is that it features a quick change military style mic connector allowing for interchangeable dynamic or electret condenser mic elements to fit your particular operating style and need.  For example, since the headset comes with the M350 element, if you desire a wider frequency response range mic element for rag chewing or ESSB operating, you would select one of the optional wide range elements such as the M360 or the M208  (see Optional Radiosport Mic Elements above).

This headset comes with the M350-ADJ mic element pre-installed.  This is a Mil M101 style high output, noise canceling microphone with a condenser element ideal for DX and contesting.    Because the M350-ADJ mic element is a condenser type elements with a low mass diaphragm it produces brighter or punchier audio compared to dynamic elements, such as the M207.  The M350-ADJ provides true communications range frequency response for the utmost in voice articulation with that extra punch you may need to break those tough pile-ups. The M350 mic element requires a mic bias voltage to operate - which is a configuration option for the FLEX-6000.

M350-ADJ Mic Element Features:
  • High output, adjustable gain condenser element
  • Brighter highs for greater articulation and punch
  • Frequency Response: 300 to 8000 Hz
  • Acoustic noise cancelling design

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