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Purchasing Information for International Customers

FlexRadio has a world-wide network of authorized distributors for your purchasing convenience and service needs.

Due to challenges related to regulatory compliance in the EU, FlexRadio chooses to sell our products only through authorized distributors to our customers in the EU and selected non-EU countries. All international distributors are able to sell our products to any customer regardless of the destination country.

Please refer to the International Distributors web page for a complete listing of FlexRadio authorized service centers and distributors.
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Heil Proset HC6

Part Number MC-PROSET-HC6
Heil Proset HC6
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Headset cables
Proset to FLEX-6000 [+$23.99]
Proset to FLEX-5000 [+$23.99]
Proset to FLEX-3000 or FLEX-1500 [+$23.99]
Push to talk
Heil Hand Switch [+$33.95]
Heil Foot Switch [+$44.00]
Headset cables for connecting the ProSet HC6 to the radio are sold separately.  Refer to the options above.

The Heil Sound Pro Set is a lightweight, versatile boom mic/headset designed for comfort, durability, and, above all, performance. The earpieces are full sized (4"), with heavily-stuffed cushions for operator comfort during long operating stints. The earphone speakers in the ProSet Series are 200 Ohm devices, with a -3 dB point at 8000 Hz for reduced listening fatigue. The ProSet headset is equipped with the Heil HC-6 full-range element that has a low frequency roll-off at 300 Hz that facilitates good communications quality audio. Each Pro Set is equipped with a windscreen for the microphone. The windscreen does not affect the frequency response of the microphone, and it is highly effective in minimizing breath blast while you`re speaking.

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