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Purchasing Information for International Customers

FlexRadio has a world-wide network of authorized distributors for your purchasing convenience and service needs.

Due to challenges related to regulatory compliance in the EU, FlexRadio chooses to sell our products only through authorized distributors to our customers in the EU and selected non-EU countries. All international distributors are able to sell our products to any customer regardless of the destination country.

Please refer to the International Distributors web page for a complete listing of FlexRadio authorized service centers and distributors.

FlexRadio Hand Mic - 8-pin Foster connector

Part Number FHM-1-8P
FlexRadio Hand Mic - 8-pin Foster connector
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The FHM-1 hand mic incorporates a wide frequency response dynamic microphone element and with its ergonomic design and a low resistance PTT button, the FHM-1 is a perfect complement to the FLEX-5000, FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 software defined radios. The mic has two tone settings that will allow you to tailor your audio for your specific operating requirements; Tone setting 1, which is the default setting has a flat frequency response of 60Hz -16kHz and Tone setting 2, which rolls off some of the low-end frequencies (-6 dB @ 300 Hz) along with a +3 dB increase at 2 kHz for optimum articulation needed for DX/Communication quality audio.